Breathe life into your design project.
Piece by piece. Slab by slab.

Porcelain surface collections that know no limits. Remarkably durable, resilient and lightweight without sacrificing quality. And best of all, the all-weather-resistant properties handle hot, cold, rain and shine with ease. Perfect for indoor and outdoor applications.

150+ designs

A full range of stunning colours, tones, shades, and styles. Greek-style marble, urban concrete, natural precious stone, and many more. Explore the endless possibilities of your imagination.

Seven unique collections

From standard size to full bodied surfaces, our complete range of expertly-crafted porcelain slabs has everything your project needs — and then some!

Unrivalled technology

Expert Italian craftsmanship meets internationally patented manufacturing processes that harness the power of natural minerals and raw materials.

The collections

Standard Size

Our Standard Size slabs are your go-to for every design idea. Perfect for wall coverings, washbasins, kitchen countertops and coffee tables.

Big Slabs

Our surfaces made even bigger, guaranteeing the sky and the limit for your design project. Ideal for large indoor and outdoor applications.

CM2 Outdoor

The ultimate porcelain surfaces for outdoor use. Robust. Durable. Resilient. Perfect for public and private projects that experience high foot traffic and all weather types.


Stain-proof, scratch-resistant and ultra-hygienic ceramic surfaces for professional kitchens, restaurants, cafes, schools and hospitals.

Ventilated Facades

Allow your building to breathe with our state-of-the-art low maintenance ventilated facades. Endures even the most extreme conditions with no quality or performance loss.

Full Body

Full Body offers elegant and sophisticated patterns throughout the entire slab, providing you and your home with the full porcelain experience.


A world-first in porcelain surface technology. Combines titanium and silver to permanently protect your home from dust, dirt, bacteria, viruses and pollutants.

Bathrooms by Tailor-made+

Our vast selection of configurable bathroom and furniture products – including basins, vanities, shelving and storage items – gives you room to create beautiful and unique bathroom spaces.

Kitchens by Tailor-made+

Luxurious worktops, kitchen tabletops, splashbacks, and breakfast bars. Featuring a highly durable surface, you now have access to a material that delivers on performance, practicality, and beauty.

Furniture by Tailor-made+

A selection of essential furniture, featuring delicate edge profiles, offers you configurable and unique design options to create exquisite dining tables, plinths and side tables.