Full-Body takes ceramic stoneware to a new level

By combining advanced technology and expert craftsmanship with an exclusive patented manufacturing process, we offer you the most durable, versatile and aesthetically timeless porcelain slabs on the market. 

Suitable for interior and exterior use. Ideal for tabletops, chairs, wall coverings, flooring and paving. Available to you in a variety of designs, sizes and finishes across three incredible collections — Academia, Astra and Fragmenta.

With Full-Body surfaces, you get the entire porcelain experience.

The Full-Body Collections

Academia Full-Body

Academia Full-Body ceramic surfaces are the heart and soul of ancient Venice. We combine traditional craftsmanship with a laser-focused modern approach for unrivalled performance and aesthetic perfection, offering sophisticated multi-colour tones and graceful stone pattern textures. Highly durable. Remarkably adaptable. Stunning on the eye. A perfect choice for various settings and projects, including minimalist households, contemporary interiors, and historical venue renovations. Choose from six colours and two finishes.

Astra Full-Body

Astra Full-Body takes inspiration from the endless wonders of the universe. We capture every star, planet and constellation and inject them into the ceramic surface, creating a uniquely random stone-like effect filled with glistening silvers and greys. Exceptionally versatile, astonishingly beautiful. An excellent option for stairs, bathroom floors, kitchen countertops and outdoor paving. Available in four sizes, four colours and two finishes.

Fragmenta Full-Body

Fragmenta Full-Body invites you to a world of fragmented elegance and charm. We incorporate patterns that dance gracefully along the ceramic surface like waves softly crashing across the ocean, providing unique depth, character and atmosphere in any setting. A superb choice for applications such as residential interiors, garden paving, restaurant countertops, coffee shop flooring and many others. Available in six colours and three finishes.

Built to Last

Solid. Robust. Long-lasting.

Composed of natural minerals and hand-picked raw materials to ensure long-lasting strength and durability, even in the harshest conditions. 

Withstands the Elements

Clean. Resilient. Everything-proof. 

Unrivalled protection from the elements. Full-Body porcelain is fire-proof, weather-resistant and non-flammable. It’s also sanitisable, hygienic, effortless to clean, and won’t release toxic or harmful substances. 


Sustainable. Recyclable. Eco-conscious. 

Ensuring sustainability, eco-consciousness and energy conservation at every level. Each award-winning Full-Body slab is safe to handle, light on the planet and made from 40% recyclable materials. 

No Two Patterns the Same

Authentic and distinctly unique.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art manufacturing process, no two surfaces are the same, guaranteeing distinct uniqueness across every inch of your design project. 

Patented Technology. Revolutionary Design.

We manufacture the very best in full-bodied ceramic stoneware by combining proprietary technology and expert Italian craftsmanship with an exclusive, internationally patented manufacturing process. 

Each of our Full-Body products harnesses the untamed power of natural minerals and raw materials, providing unlimited support and realistic stone pattern designs throughout the entire slab. 

Never worry about finding the right ceramic surface for your project again. Strength, durability, resilience and timeless aesthetics are guaranteed.

ACTIVE SURFACES® for Fuller Body Protection

Make the switch and customise your Full Body stoneware with ACTIVE SURFACES®, a world-first in ceramic ingenuity. Composed of silver and titanium dioxide, it provides continuous and permanent self-cleaning protection against bacteria, viruses, pollution and odour — even in the dark.

What’s more, ACTIVE SURFACES® cleverly converts bad polluting molecules into harmless substances, ensuring cleaner and healthier airflow.

Suitable for interior and exterior installation.



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