Ventilated Facades

Innovative porcelain facade collections for your building project, offering world-class aesthetics, durability and technical performance — even in the most extreme conditions.

Featuring an advanced ventilation system that physically separates the building’s interior and exterior environments, you’re guaranteed long-term thermal insulation, energy efficiency and weather-resistance.

Ideal for homes, apartment blocks, offices, hospitals, industrial complexes, shopping centres and many others. Perfect for architects, designers, product manufacturers and homeowners.

Let us breathe life into your next project.

Advanced technology. Versatile designs. Made for every exterior.

We don’t let your building’s exterior go unnoticed.

Manufactured by expert Italian craftsman using the finest patented technology, our ventilated facade collection includes a wide range of shapes, sizes and designs that adapt to any building type.

From intricate marble-like compositions to realistic concrete-esque patterns, we have every aspect of your building’s exterior covered in style.

Balancing the temperature. Saving the energy.

A cavity between the facade and external wall facilitates convection currents and natural air circulation throughout your building. This phenomenon—also known as the “chimney effect”—results in a comfortable, healthy interior temperature all year round. It also contributes to greater energy efficiency, thus reducing unnecessary heating or air-conditioning costs.

Cool in summer. Warm in winter.

Why Choose Our Ventilated Porcelain Facades?


Unmatched defence against the elements. Ventilated ceramic facades are robust, resilient and able to endure all the weather Mother Nature throws at it. Long-lasting performance guaranteed.

Thermal Shock Resistant

Able to withstand sudden and rapid temperature changes without fracturing, breaking or changing shape, guaranteeing structural integrity, dimensional stability and aesthetic consistency.

Low Maintenance Costs

Thanks to the robust resilience of porcelain materials, each ventilated facade is durable against all types of wear and tear, thus reducing short and long-term maintenance costs.

Improved Acoustics

The multi-layered nature of ventilated ceramic facades means they absorb and eliminate internal and external noise efficiently, ensuring excellent acoustics for your building.

Easy on the Planet

Sustainable. Eco-friendly. Light on the planet. We produce each ventilated porcelain facade with 40% recycled materials in award-winning manufacturing facilities.

Ventilated Porcelain Facade Design Examples

Kingston Riverside

Sleek, sophisticated and full of character.

Our Rovere Biondo ventilated porcelain facades from the Legni High-Tech collection cover the entire Kingstone Riverside building complex, a stunning architectural masterpiece in the heart of London, England.


Smooth, stylish and aesthetically stunning.

The CO.BIT residential building—located in the beautiful Italian city of Lucera—showcases the Taupe and Pearl ventilated facades from our Teknostone collection. They not only provide the building with elegance but also impressive thermal insulation, energy conservation and optimal breathability.

Linglong World

Along Beijing’s famous 4th Ring Road sits Linglong World, a landmark building complex composed of retail shops, luxury showrooms and high-end offices. Our Statuario collection of ventilated ceramic facades envelope the entire complex in elegant shades of white and silver, offering breathability, durability and aesthetic beauty.


Take your Big Slabs to even greater heights with ACTIVE SURFACES®, a revolutionary technology expertly developed for porcelain surfaces.

We combine the power of silver and titanium dioxide to provide your ceramic stoneware with continuous and permanent self-cleaning protection against stubborn bacteria, viruses, pollutants and odours — even under LED light and in the dark.

Better yet, ACTIVE also protects your health and wellness by converting harmful airborne pollutants into harmless salts, ensuring cleaner, fresher and safer airflow for your building and the outside environment.

Suitable for interior and exterior installation.

Ideal for homes, hospitals, restaurants, cafes, sports centres, public spaces and other spaces requiring extra protection.

ISO-certified. Patent-protected.

Available to you by request.


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