Active surfAces

The world’s first photocatalytic, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-pollution, self-cleaning porcelain stoneware.

We combine the power of titanium and silver to protect your porcelain stoneware in the presence of light, moisture and air, providing you with a permanent defence against bacteria, viruses, pollutants, dirt and odours — even under LED light and in the dark.

Patent-protected. ISO-certified. Scientifically validated. Protection guaranteed.


Effectively eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, including the dangerous methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). It also demonstrates 99% efficacy against viral strains H1N1 and Enterovirus 71 and 94% against SARS-CoV-2.

Suitable for homes, hospitals, clinics, spas, sports centres and public areas.


Permanently and continuously eradicates air pollutants, some of which are potentially toxic and harmful to your health. This eradication results in safer, cleaner and healthier airflow — both inside and outside.

Suitable for homes, residential centres, cafes, restaurants, schools and public areas.


Significantly reduces dirt, muck and grime adherence thanks to its photocatalytic properties. Easy to clean without the use of aggressive and toxic detergents. Outdoor facades only require rainwater cleaning, which dramatically reduces overall maintenance costs.

Suitable for homes, schools, hospitals, shopping areas, residential centres and office buildings.


Combats and degrades odorous molecules responsible for causing unpleasant smells, which helps maintain a clean, comfortable and fresh-scented environment for you and those around you.

Suitable for homes, restaurants, cafes, schools, sports centres, hospitals, residential spaces and public areas.

The ACTIVE SURFACES Ceramic Stoneware Collections

Sophisticated designs and timeless aesthetics meet Italian craftmanship and advanced ACTIVE technology, bringing you the most versatile, durable, sustainable and eco-friendly porcelain stoneware on the market today.

Created for architects, designers, homeowners and those with impeccable taste. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Ideal for small and large design projects. Perfect for all applications no matter the size or scale.

Endless possibilities.

Available in four superb collections — Pietra di Balsato Active, Urban Active, Marble Active and UNI Active.


Pietra di Balsato Active

Pietra di Balsato Active porcelain stoneware resembles the rugged but elegant beauty of basalt, a fine-grained volcanic rock characterised by rich colours and natural fluid patterns.

Exceptionally versatile and pleasing to the eye, each surface seamlessly adapts to any given project or setting — on its own or in combination with other designs.

Available in five distinct colours: Basalto Bianco Active, Basalto Beige Active, Basalto Grigio Active, Basalto Moro Active and Basalto Nero Active

Urban Active

We infuse the dark and mysterious shades of concrete into our Urban Active porcelain surfaces, creating unrivalled depth, atmosphere and character.

Texturally authentic and highly adaptable. Perfect for contemporary buildings, households and public areas.

Available in four unique colours: Urban White Active, Urban Ivory Active, Urban Grey Active and Urban Dove Active


Marble Active

Offering the perfect harmony of sophisticated patterns and luxurious textures, Marble Active ignites the spirit of ancient Greek design.

Stunningly authentic, remarkably timeless. The ultimate classic look for bathroom floors, living room walls, kitchen countertops and many others.

Available in four colours: Calacatta Active, Calacatta Statuario Active and Pietra Grey Active.

UNI Active

Uni Active is the ice sparkling against a rising winter sun, creating a warm and inviting ambiance unlike any other.

An understated blank canvas designed to open and lighten a room.

Recommended as a standalone surface or in combination with other ACTIVE porcelain designs.

Available in one unique colour: Uni Ice Active


Long-Lasting Protection

Built with durability, resilience and longevity in mind.

ACTIVE protects you and your building for as long as the surface exists — even in the harshest conditions. It’s also heat-proof, scratch-resistant

Gentle on the Planet

Sustainable, eco-friendly and gentle to our beautiful planet.

We proudly create each ACTIVE porcelain slab using 40% recyclable materials in award-winning zero emission manufacturing facilities. All materials are safe to handle — for you and our valued workers

Kind to You

Your health and wellness mean a lot to us.

Every ACTIVE slab we produce offers you a chance to build a healthier environment and contribute to a better quality of life.


Take your Big Slabs to even greater heights with ACTIVE SURFACES®, a revolutionary technology expertly developed for porcelain surfaces.

We combine the power of silver and titanium dioxide to provide your ceramic stoneware with continuous and permanent self-cleaning protection against stubborn bacteria, viruses, pollutants and odours — even under LED light and in the dark.

Better yet, ACTIVE also protects your health and wellness by converting harmful airborne pollutants into harmless salts, ensuring cleaner, fresher and safer airflow for your building and the outside environment.

Suitable for interior and exterior installation.

Ideal for homes, hospitals, restaurants, cafes, sports centres, public spaces and other spaces requiring extra protection.

ISO-certified. Patent-protected.

Available to you by request.


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