Our advanced porcelain countertops fuse the very best Italian workmanship and advanced patented technology with stunning textures and beautifully unique patterns — none quite the same as the other.

Durable. Resilient. Adaptable. Resistant to heat, scratching, and staining.

Suitable for kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, and bathrooms. Ideal for kitchen surfaces, dining tables, wash basins, coffee tables, islands and worktops.

Available in various sizes and finishes across 150 superb design choices.

Give your countertops the style, sophistication and functionality they deserve.


Our porcelain countertops offer you unbeatable strength, resilience and durability — three essential elements for any kitchen design project. 

Each surface is resistant to extreme heat, scratching, staining and chemical damage, making it the best-performing ceramic countertop on the market today.

What’s more, the non-absorbent nature of porcelain allows for easy cleaning without needing aggressive or potentially harmful detergents.

Ideal for households, cafes and professional restaurants.

Made with 40% recyclable materials in award-winning manufacturing facilities.

TAILOR-MADE+ For Every Shape and Size

Get the shape, size and design you want with TAILOR-MADE+, our brand-new and exclusive porcelain cutting and shaping service.

No matter the simpleness or complexity of your design, we have you covered.

Everything from sinks and staircases to intricate fireplaces and irregularly shaped outdoor terraces can be custom-built and perfectly cut-to-size by our expert technicians.

150 Designs. Unlimited Possibilities.

Select from 150 design options across ten different categories, including marble, concrete, wood, metal and precious stone.

Creative freedom and expression at its finest, with an added touch of versatility. You can design your project in any way you want.

For architects, designers, product manufacturers and homeowners with big ideas, impeccable taste and a keen eye for stunning porcelain countertops.

Kind to the Planet

The planet we live on is important to us. All our porcelain countertops are sustainable, environmentally friendly, safe to handle and made from 40% recyclable materials in award-winning manufacturing facilities.

Porcelain Countertop Design Examples

Ultra Marmi (Marble)

Verde St. Denis

75×37.5, 75×75, 120×120, 150×75, 150×150, 270×120, 300×150


Shiny and Soft

Marmi Maximum (Marble)

Pietra Grey

60×60, 120×60, 75×37,5, 75×75, 150×75, 150×150, 300×150, 320×150

6mm, 8mm and 12mm

Shiny, Silk and Soft

Ultra Crystal Quartz (Onici)

Crystal Grey

75×37.5, 75×75, 150×75, 150×150, 300×150



Ultra Marmi (Marmi)

Tropical Black

75×37.5, 75×75, 150×75, 150×150, 300×150, 320×150

6mm and 12mm

Shiny and Silk


Resilient, robust and hard-wearing. Resistant to even the harshest of slices and dices. Maintains the overall surface aesthetic.


The non-absorbent nature of porcelain stoneware provides you with a simple and easy-to-clean surface. The use of harsh, aggressive cleaning detergents not required.


Never worry about your hot pots and pans ruining your surfaces ever again. Porcelain surfaces are impressively resistant to extreme heat, even over long periods.

Stain Resistant

Porcelain is essentially an impenetrable force. A fantastic defence coffee, tea, red wine or any other high staining substance. Keeps your surface looking good as new.


Revitalise your countertops with ACTIVE SURFACES®, a revolutionary technology designed to permanently and continuously protect your porcelain stoneware.

The brainchild of Iris Ceramica Group and the University of Milan, ACTIVE harnesses the power of silver and titanium, providing your ceramic countertops with round-the-clock defence against bacteria, viruses, pollutants and dirt — even under LED light and in the dark.

Better yet, all ACTIVE surfaces are self-cleaning and cleverly convert airborne pollutants into harmful salt-like substances, creating an environment that’s clean, safe and good for your health.

Suitable for interior and exterior installation.

Ideal for homes, restaurants, cafes, hospitals, school cafeterias, sports centres and public spaces.

Manufactured in zero-emission factories using 40% recyclable materials.

ISO-certified. Patent-protected.

Available to you by request.


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